Owner and Executive Director                                                                       

Meagan Hussain, B.A.E, M.Ed                                                                              

Meagan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Oklahoma State University as well as a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Harding University. She holds an Arkansas teaching license in Pre-K through 8th grade as well as a Building Level License to be a Principal in Pre-K through 7th grades.

Meagan has been in the education field for eight years teaching in the public schools. She spent six of the eight years teaching kindergarten and two years teaching fifth grade. Meagan has a first-hand understanding of the importance of the years leading up to Kindergarten and is dedicated to making sure that your child has the best foundation leading up to their transition in to their school years.
As a Mom of two children herself, Meagan is dedicated to providing the type of learning environment that always has an open door policy for parents, provides an encouraging, uplifting environment for children, and offers hands on learning experiences every day.


Team Tots, Early Pre-K
Three Year Old Classroom
Mrs. Georgina Barquero 

Mrs. Georgina and her family relocated to NWA from Costa Rica, with her husbands career, two years ago. She has one daughter who is currently in kindergarten. 

Mrs. Georgina holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Early Learning Preschool from the University of Costa Rica. She has spent the last 15 years teaching in the public school system in Costa Rica, specifically with ages 3 through 6 years old. She has various certifications in continuing education classes including food handling, disability, early stimulation, language development, art of movement, art of storytelling, and sign language! 

We feel very blessed to have Mrs. Georgina join our Posh Tot family this year teaching our Early Pre-K! 


Team Tots, Pre-K
Four Year Old Classroom
Mrs. Karen Moore, Child Development Associates
Mrs. Karen Moore graduated from Southern Nazarene University in 2000 with her Child Development Associates. Karen relocated with her husband and one son to NWA from Alabama where she has spent the last ten years teaching three year olds. She is excited to invest in a long career with Posh Tot!
Mrs. Karen is starting her third school year at Posh! Karen has always been excited to experience the love and rewards of teaching our Pre-K program at Posh Tot! Ms. Karen comes to school every day excited about teaching the children how to discover the world around them. We feel very blessed to have Karen as part of our Posh Tot family!


Teeter Tots
Two Year Old Classroom
Mrs. Luz Basurto 

Mrs. Luz joined our Posh Tot family in 2015 as a part time assistant in various classrooms. She has been an invaluable asset to our team and we were able to get her on a more permanent basis this last summer! 

Mrs. Luz holds a Child Development Associates from NWACC and worked for the Rogers Public Schools prior to taking on a permanent role at Posh Tot. Our two year old classroom is extremely blessed to have such a loving teacher! 



Toddle Tots
One Year Old Classroom
Ms. Jayme Bartlett

Ms. Jayme joined our Posh Tot family in the Spring of 2017, when she made a HUGE career change from working in the Ophthalmology world over the last 22 years to working with our precious one year old babies! Ms. Jayme is a mom to two grown daughters. 

Ms. Jayme has a quiet spirit, a kind heart, and is very dedicated to the love and care of our sweet babies! 
Tiny Tots
Assistant Director
Denise Damski, Bachelors Visual Communications
Denise holds a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications from Colorado Arts Institute. Denise and her family have been in Northwest Arkansas for the last ten years. She has over 20+ years working with children, including elementary schools, preschools, Boy Scouts, etc.
Denise found her passion, running infant classrooms, about ten years ago! She has an amazing dedication and love for all children. Denise initially began running our infant classroom in March 2014 and took on the role of Assistant Director January 2015. We are so thankful for her every day!