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The experienced teachers in the infant and toddler classroom are proud to be following the Arkansas Framework for Infant and Toddler Care. It is our goal to support the following elements of relationships, environment, health & safety, experiences, and diversity.

While in our care each day, infants and toddlers will be encouraged to learn about themselves through self-concept development, learn about their feelings through emotional development, and learn about other people through social development. We will also support communication skills through appropriate language development, help each child learn to move and do through physical development and learn to think through cognitive development.


We are excited to offer our two and three year olds a classroom that is supported by The Arkansas Early Childhood Education (AECE) Frameworks. The term framework is used in the field of education to describe an overall outline. The purpose of the framework is to shape and guide quality programs in early childhood education, guide the growth and development of children through a successful transition to a Pre-K curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards.

The AECE Framework Handbook was developed by Arkansas educators who are widely recognized throughout the state for their professional contribution, insight, experience, and quality of work in Early Childhood Education. The mission of Early Childhood Education Programs, in collaboration with family and community, is to provide learning opportunities that promote growth of the whole child. In recognition of individual uniqueness, our program will reflect attention to each child’s pattern and timing of growth. A safe, nurturing, interactive environment is essential in order to maximize the potential and individuality of all children.

Our staff and administrators support each child’s efforts and provide opportunities for children to act independently, experience success, and interact socially. In our quality early childhood program, children are given the opportunity to engage in innovative and imaginative expressions though various art forms including: movement, music, painting, constructing, viewing, and listening. They are also encouraged to express themselves through activities such as: pantomime, song, dramatic play, puppetry, and creative movement.

Such learning supports or links later learning experiences in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and fine arts. In our program, where quality cognitive/intellectual learning occurs, children are provided opportunities to participate in learning centers to establish or build a foundation for learning in content areas which include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and fine arts, relate a story to an expressive activity (art, music, drama), and/or to a science or mathematics concept (weather, counting, cooking, measuring) and listen to, act out, and draw a picture of a story.


We a proud to offer developmentally appropriate practices that have been compiled by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This research-based guide reminds us that children under the age of six years learn best through rich, creative, exploratory, hands-on discoveries and interactions that happen during play.

When early learning happens in this kind of play, it grows, lasts, and creates the strong foundation children need to succeed later in school. It is the foundation on which successful accomplishment of the Common Core State Standards will be possible. Our Pre-K classroom is aligned to the Common Core very seamlessly in the sense that children are engaged in hands-on learning.

Our integration of the newly adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is designed to prepare 4 to 6 year old children for the important school years ahead. The implementation at Posh Tot Learning Academy of CCSS will help lay the foundation that will serve them in the most positive way and prepare them in the most fulfilling avenue to enter Kindergarten!